Used book Sale at the library

Books in boxes, on tables, in shelves; books everywhere.  Books on Religion, philosophy, art, literature, travel, western, Books for children etc. What more can a book-lover ask for from life than to wander among the tomes like a kid lost in candyland?



This was my state at the library book sale. It was Half-price day and the Used books already priced low were being sold at half their prices. Can you believe that?

We bought quite a load of them-children’s books for medha, a memoir and a couple of fiction for myself. And all for about 5 bucks! Awesome!

I know, my sister, another crazy book-lover like me,  is going to be jealous when she reads this. 


4 thoughts on “Used book Sale at the library

  1. Books are small storehouses that store places, events, emotions and many secrets that only the reader can feel and enjoy

  2. So wonderful that Medha has inherited your love for books. I always wished Mantam would love books as much as I do. Although they enjoyed it when I read books to them, they never developed the passion for books. But all that changed after we came to Sydney. They are smitten by books and I am a happy mum 😀

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