30 Days of listing- a few more lists

Yesterday, I posted about participating in “30 days of lists” and displayed some of the lists I made as part of the challenge.

Making the list in response to a journaling prompt everyday for 30 days wasn’t hard. It took me about 5 to 10 minutes to do so. But coming up with an idea to decorate the other page was difficult and time-consuming. I looked through my pictures folder, journals and pinterest for quotes or pictures related to my lists, printed them out, pasted them, embellished them with scraps of paper and wrote a few words on them.

All that took me more than a month to accomplish, 2 months to be precise. I’m not sure whether I’ll participate in the challenge again, but if I do, I will not spend a lot of time decorating the book. All that pressure to make the book pretty takes the fun out of listing for me. It is hard for me to accept but I know that I suck at decorating (home or projects); I’m just a lister, a WRITER.

Here goes the last few lists I made:










P1100007I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures and reading my lists (Are they clear? Or not? Do tell…)

Picture #8 (As part of Picture365- a picture a day for 365 days)

pic #8

Check out my sister’s hairstyle!


9 thoughts on “30 Days of listing- a few more lists

  1. I’ve fallen for your journal. It’s so beautiful. It was so good to see your handwriting too after almost a decade. You know what? It hasn’t changed at all. I feel my handwriting has gone for a toss. i hardly write any more. 😦

    I felt so happy to read about Prasad. He seems to be so much fun. Will demand for a dance performance from him when we meet. Also perhaps his chai which you had written about in one of your posts. And a farmhouse visit and make you cook one of your specialties. I’ll bake something special for you all. Sounds awesome no? πŸ˜€

    The pictures were clear Manu, Had fun going through the lists in both the posts.

    1. Thanks seemu! I’m imagining all that! And I’m drooling at the thought of your spending time with us! Please please will u visit us someday? I will prepare all that and more….

  2. That’s so sweet.. I lived this one more.. I loved all the list its an Interesting idea… I wish I had so much passion. About reading or writing. But I loved reading your blog…

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