Madhav @ 5

My littlest isn’t too little anymore! He turned 5 a few days ago and tells me 5 years has been fun so far! He is tall; he’s skinny; he has the biggest, most teeth- and gum-baring smile of all. But don’t be fooled by his stick-like appearance! Thanks to the taekwondo lessons he’s been going to, he has the guts, the strength to take on his big sis, who also goes to the same class, in fights.


He didn’t cry one bit when he got his shots, which surprised the doc. He said most 5 year olds throw up a ruckus when they are being vaccinated.

But… But… He’s a chicken in some other ways, mind you. He still sleeps with us or his grandparents instead of in his own bed!

His curiosity, the questions he comes up with about the world and beyond, the ways in which his little brain works and the amazing connections it makes between thoughts and ideas, continue to surprise us.

Being the youngest, it’s a wonder that he loves babies so much! It was cute to watch him dote on his little brother, Neel. He would sing lullabies to soothe him and act silly to get him to eat. It was equally a delight to watch the adoration in Neel’s eyes for his ‘big’ brother.



He follows his sister around like a little lamb. And everywhere that Medha goes, the lamb is sure to go!

Madhav knows I’m a crybaby, so anytime a sad scene plays on TV, he’s all eyes on me, ready to console. He can’t bear to see his sister in tears too. He will do anything to make her feel better even though he would have tortured and made her cry in the first place!

His favorite pastime is to make cards for his little cousins. He drops them in our post box and waits for the postman to pick it up and deliver them. And wonders why they don’t write him back!

It feels like only a few days back he began talking, but now he’s quite fluent in Kannada, getting better at English and knows a smattering of Telugu too, although he still babbles. He even gets selected for speeches at school! What?!?

He has God on his speed dial whom he calls upon whenever in need, especially when he’s playing and is determined to win. The sweet thing is he prays for everyone.

Madhav at 5 loves to write, like, All. The. Time and becomes restless when he’s unable to. I wonder who he gets that from! 🙂



“What we are ………….” Wednesday! (May 2, 2018)

We’d like to share what we are doing this Wednesday, hopefully, every Wednesday from hereon, as a way of documenting our Everyday Life. Hope you like reading such posts!

Here’s what Madhurya had to say:

Watching: Neel trying to crawl all over the place.
 Eating: Nothing specific
Making: Neel’s food
Wishing for: the next week to go smoothly with Neel joining daycare and me getting back to work.
Learning: to be more patient with my baby and to enjoy every moment.
Thinking: of different ways to make my life easier handling home and work with a little one.
Listening:  to Neel’s babble.

Loving:  my family, home, friends and life.

Here’s what I had to say:
Reading: ‘Eat Pray Love’ by Elizabeth Gilbert (I think it’s my 3rd read! Or is it 4th? Ugh! I have lost count! I think you must’ve guessed how much I love the book!) and ‘As a Man Thinketh’ by James Allen.
WatchingFullhouse like ALL. THE. TIME, thanks to my kiddos and Netflix!
Eating:/gorging on good food prepared by my mama! 🙂
Making: the most of the rest of my/kids’ vacation.
Wishing for: a longer Summer vacation!
Learning: practically nothing, which is quite sad for me as I LOVE to learn something every single day.
Thinking: of bringing more creativity into my days.
Listening:to my kids squabble every few minutes! I guess a longer vacation isn’t such a great idea after all!

Loving: the delicious thought of filling these long summer days with just the things that make me happy.

Madhurya & Manasa.

I want my days to be filled with…


more joy, less regret

more peace, less negativity

more gratitude, less taking everything for granted

more love, less bitterness

more compassion, less prejudice

more reading, less attached to my digital devices

more writing, less thinking about it

more deep-diving, less drifting

more laughter, less anger

more giving, less holding back

more forgiveness, less nursing grudges

more natural products, less chemicals

more walking, less driving

more relaxing, less puttering about

more doing things that matter, less procrastinating

more curiosity, less being nosy

more discovering new places and cultures, less sight-seeing

more making dreams come true, less being realistic

more passionate living, less existing

more learning, less worrying about grades or applying what’s been learnt

more childlike wonder, enthusiasm and abandon, less ‘trying to act my age’

more meaningful conversations, less gossip

more investing in experiences and things that matter, less shopping

more sharing stories and thoughts, less publishing another post

more action, less focusing on the ‘fruits’ or the fruitlessness of my actions

more ME, less trying to be someone else

more making today the best day ever, less planning for an unknown future





A Day in my Life

This is an account of a day in my life right now.

It is something to look back upon down the lane, when I’m older. I already had so much fun going through this older post and that. 

So, here goes:

6 am – Woke up to find that Prasad had already left for work. He was going out of town very early in the morning and didn’t want to disturb my sleep. There was a big pot of tea waiting for me. As it boiled, I got Medha’s boxes of fruits and nuts ready for school. She was going to collect her corrected answer scripts. Sipping my Ginger Chai I made a list of things to do and wrote in my daily journal.

7:30 am – Got Medha ready, fed her some breakfast and left for school. We walked. After dropping her off, Madhav and I went to the market to buy some veggies and to meet my friend, Sila.

8:30 am – Had my second cup of tea. Don’t know if it was the walking or the caffeine, but my mood simply lifted and I felt ready to tackle Medha’s closet. It needed reorganizing. But before that, I had to have some breakfast. Madhav and I ate dosas while watching PawPatrol (The story of my life!)

9 am – Madhav practised addition while I controlled the urge to check my phone for Whatsapp messages every few minutes.

9:30 am – It had been long since I spoke with my grandma. So I called her up and inquired  after her and others in Mangalore.

10:30 am – Finished editing and publishing our blog post for Monday.

Cleaned cobwebs around the house with my domestic help. Started cleaning Medha’s Closet.

12 pm – Brought Medha back home. She was so glad that the year was over and that the next school year she’ll have new friends. This girl loves change!

Went through her answer papers. She scored well in Hindi which was a shocker and less in Math and English- a bummer!

They ate lunch and so did I – Rice with Gujarati Dal and Cabbage curry.

3 pm – Finally finished cleaning Medha’s cupboard. I got rid of a lot of books, clothes and accessories. It looks light and clean now.

Took a nap to recover from the exhaustion.

3:30 pm – Prepared Lemongrass tea and a stuffing for Cabbage Paratha.

I sat and drank my tea and read “The Paris Wife”. When Madhav woke up, at 4, we both read from his phonics reader.

4:30 pm – Kids ate the parathas I prepared and we left for their Taekwondo lessons. After dropping them I went to Sila’s home, where the whole Jena clan was happily going through Omm’s papers. He’d scored well. As much as I felt happy for them, I felt a knot over Medha’s score. I had to remind myself that it wasn’t fair to compare her score with her friend’s. He was in a smaller class after all. Plus, Medha had worked so hard. And that’s what matters, right? “Give your best and leave the rest”

Sila and I went to a parlor. I needed to look presentable for our trip to Goa!

6:30 pm – It was time to pick the kids up from their class. Sir complained a bit about Medha crying over every little thing, which I attributed to the kids being too pampered at home.

Ate Dinner and finished jotting down the things we did. Prepared some green tea and settled down to a night of reading and resting….

– Manasa.

Close Encounters with the Wild

It was our third visit to Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve. (You can read about our first here and here) Shruthi, Ashwin and little Shristi (who were visiting us from the US) joined us along with other family members. We needed a couple of SUVs to carry us all to our favorite Jharana Lodge. After the welcome drink (refreshing), lunch (delicious) and watching a few resident male Turkeys woo a female (noisy and endless), it was time for one of our favorite parts of visiting a jungle – Tiger Safari.

We’d booked 2 jeeps into the core area. No sooner did we enter the Jungle than we spotted a couple of bears foraging on grass and insects. They were huge and it seemed funny that they were feeding on bugs instead of something that would suit their bulky frames!


While we were too busy describing the bears to one another, we barely caught sight of a Leopard, who crossed our jeeps and made a leap into the thickness of the Jungle, before we managed to click a picture of him.


We were on a roll! Thanking Goddess Luck, we drove on, now wishing we spot the Big Gun, a Tiger. By the shimmering lake, basking in the winter sun, who do you think we spotted?! No, not a Tiger, but a huge Crocodile!  We were exhilarated!


There’s something about visiting a jungle- all your senses come alive! There’s nothing to distract- no phone calls, messages or TV. If you stay longer, your sensations are only heightened. You’ll listen to the warning call of a Sambar deer and know that the Tiger is around. You’ll see pugmarks on the ground and figure out which direction he’s gone. You’ll smell the carcass of a dead animal and prepare yourself to the possibility of spotting him. Digression aside, Luck favored us once again.  Around a bend we spotted a couple of Tigers with their prey. One of them was tearing at it (It looked like the limb of a Deer) , while the other seemed to have had his fill. This one stretched and ambled down towards us.


He sharpened his claws on the bark of a Tree and sat upon a stone wall. He was close enough to give us a high five! The other one finished his lunch, licked his paws and regally made his way towards the ‘throne’ the other Tiger was seated upon. We learnt that they were 2 brothers- Tarachand and Chota Matka, the cubs of Choti Tara and Matkasur. It was adorable to watch them pat one another and unwind after a hard day’s ‘work’!



A long queue of Jeeps and Tour buses had formed by now and the cubs seemed to be enjoying all the attention! We had taken several trips into the jungle before and went on multiple trips thereafter- into both the Core and Buffer areas, but never did we experience such a spectacle! It was a First Day First Show for Shruthi and Ashwin and they were absolutely elated!


Prasad and I had to manage the kiddos who were all loaded into our jeep and now were clambering atop its railings to get a better view of the cubs. Their excitement (and ours) knew no bounds! We’d spotted almost all of the Big 5, except Wild Dogs, on a single trip! Did it lessen our enthusiasm to continue exploring the jungles of India? Not at all. It has only intensified our passion for Wildlife and Nature.

So long, wilderness…

– Manasa.

PS- Photographs were taken by Shruthi and me..

What’s up folks?

I’ve been off blogging for so long, I’ve completely forgotten what it feels like to post! What do I post about anyway? My kids? Our travels? This mundane life? If I do post, would anybody be interested to read? Anyways, I’ve decided to give all these thoughts a rest and just go with it! Here I am…

If you are new to this blog here’s a bit about me: I’m almost 32, a mom of 2 lil monkeys, still in love with my man after almost a decade, a homemaker, a journal-keeper, a spiritual person, a voracious reader, a sewing enthusiast, a dabbling writer and a mental. (Seriously)

I’ve been blogging on and off for a long time now. There have been many a blogs before this one, all of which I must have deleted. I blog because I love to write. I write even when I’m not blogging.

I live in India in a calm and beautiful neighborhood. Ours is a joint family with 4 adults and 2 kiddos. Medha is almost 8 and Madhav is almost 5. We are in the midst of their exams- Both have Maths coming up. I’m busy taking turns teaching them one at a time. Madhav picks up his subjects quickly while Medha takes a bit longer. They both go for Taek Won Do lessons every evening. My days are busy, but they are a good, satisfying kinda busy that never fails to make me thankful. God knows how many don’t make it from one day to the next…

Along with writing, sewing has been my passion for a while. Beautiful fabrics entice me; Sewing how-tos and Diys leave me itching to get my hands ‘dirty’. I joined a sewing class and learnt as much as I could. Now I practice at home, whenever I can.


I read all the time. When I’m done with my chores I treat myself to a good book. This year has been good so far, reading-wise. In less than 2 months I’ve read more than most read in a whole year. Now I’m in the thick of 2 books – “Eligible” by Curtis Sittenfeld and “An Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramahamsa Yogananda (I love to read a fiction as well as a non-fiction at a time) and I can hardly wait to go back to them when I’m done blogging for the day.

I (and Maddy) plan to be more consistent hereon, but who knows what’s around the bend? Right now, this moment is all that matters…

So, what’s up with you all?



“What we are ………….” Wednesday! (March 29, 2017)

We’d like to share what we are doing this Wednesday, hopefully, every Wednesday from hereon, as a way of documenting our Everyday Life. Hope you like reading such posts!

Here’s what Madhurya had to say:

Reading: “The Tomb of the Honey Bee” by L. B. Hathaway.
Watching: “The Goldbergs” series.
Eating: Enchiladas.
Making:  plans to watch the movie “Beauty and the Beast” this weekend.
Wishing for: the weather to remain the same next month as it can get pretty unpredictable in the month of April.
Learning: to be more active and healthy.
Thinking: of all the yummy food I’ll get to eat at home next month when we visit Dubai.
Listening:  To the latest songs from “Bahubali 2”. Love them!

Loving:  That our vacation will start in just another 2 weeks!

Here’s what I had to say:
Reading: “Dollar Bahu” by Sudha Murthy. I love her books!
Watching:  the “Beauty and the Beast” movie. I beat you to it Madhi! 🙂
Eating: Belgian Mango Waffles.
Making: Mango Ice-Cream to beat the heat!
Wishing for: a respite from the heat and a bit of clarity on my Life purpose.
Learning: Basic strokes of Brush Lettering on Youtube.
Thinking: Of ways to control my kids from watching a lot of TV.
Listening: to the podcast “The Simple Show” 

Loving: All the possibilities and beginnings a new day brings.

Madhurya & Manasa.